A time to practice.

A time to practice.

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A time to practice. A time to benefit from the practice.

I know that this virus threat means much hardship for people mentally, physically and financially. There is unprecedented uncertainty and fear about health and life, for many of us. And it means a huge challenge for those who are health workers and are going to have to face this on a daily basis personally, as well as professionally. And then there are those in other countries, without the health systems we have in Australia. May we treat each other with patience and compassion. It is because of times like this we practice meditation because it gives us great tools to support us during this time.

For future courses we will be offering them online and given the current environment, serious discounts will be made available for those that can’t pay much.

This could certainly be a time for learning how to be less emotionally reactive, more compassionate and curious, and better at looking after ourselves and others. MBSR can help with all of this as well as providing great opportunities to manage our stress response more effectively. Or it can provide something to do in isolation.

Meanwhile, stay as calm and safe as possible.
With care,

Catherine and The Meditation Practice team